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Classes l to IV - English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Environmental studies, Drawing, S.U.P.W. (Social useful productive work) A.H., P.L. (Art of healthy and productive living) health & physical education and computer science.
Class v to Vlll - English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, General Science, social Studies, S.U.P.W., Life skill, Environmental Educations.
Classes IX & X - Hindi course A, English - Language and Literature, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Science introducing Disaster Management, SUPW. Health and Physical Education.
Additional Subject: FIT (Foundation information Technology), Sanskrit, Home , Science (Only for Girls) - any one
The CCE in .all classes is intended to provide holistic profile of the learner through evaluation of both Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas spread over two terms each during two academic years.
1. Evaluation of Scholastic Areas :
  Type of Assessment Percentage of weightage in Session Terms wise weightage Total

First term

Formative Assessment I 10% F.A.

Formative Assessment II 10%
Summative Assessment I 20% S.A.I = 20% F.A. = 40%

Second term (Oct-mar)

Formative Assessment  III 10% F.A. S.A. = 60%
Formative Assessment IV 10% III+IV =20% TOTAL = 100%
Summative Assessment II 20%    
Note : For this year as the scheme is being introduced from the Second Term Only, the weight age of each Formative Assessment shall be 20% and that of Summative Assessment shall be 60%. 
2. Evaluation of Co-Scholastic areas :

In addition to the Scholastic areas; co-scholastic areas like Life Skills; Attitudes & Values; Participation & Achievement in activities involving Literary & Creative Skills, Scientific Skills, Aesthetic Skills and Performing Arts & Clubs; and Health & Physical Education will also be evaluated.

Pass Criteria (Secondary School Examination)

1 . A candidate will be eligible to get the Qualifying Certificate, if he/she gets minimum Grade D in all the five subjects (excluding the 6th additional subject) under Scholastic Area A in the main or at the subsequent Five/One attempt(s) of Improvement of Performance, as the case may be, and grades as stipulated in the Scheme of Studies in subjects under scholastic Area B.

2. No overall grade shall be awarded. However, subject wise and overall indicative percentage of marks could bederived based on Cumulative GradePointAverage. necessary remedial steps.

3. In respect of a candidate offering an additional subject, the following norms shall be applied 1
A A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in the event of a candidate failing in the same provided after replacement the candidate has EnglishIHindi as one of the languages; and
B The replacement shall satisfy the conditions as laid down in the Scheme of Studies.

4. Candidate exempted from one or more subjects under co-scholastic areas shall be eligible for appearing in the Formative and Summative Assess- ments and result shall be declared subject to fulfillment of other conditions laid down in the Qualifying Criteria.

5. A candidate obtaining minimum Grade D in all the fivegsubjects (excluding the 6th additional subject) under Scholastic area A as well as Grades in subjects under Scholastic Area B, as stipulated in the Science of Studies, at the main or the subsequent Improvement of Performance attempts Shall be eligible to qualify Class iX Examination.