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About The School

The school of Competition is leading school with an excellent reputation in Kumardhubi Area. The School of Competition is a Co-Educational senior Secondary School affiliated to C.B.S.E., Delhi. On 1st April 2005. Today the school is well equipt with modern facilities. The School of Competition is about the spirit, morals and ethics of India. The spirit, that makes human beings humane, pervades the school, molding scholars and sportsmen to steer India in its path of progress. A historic, natural and tranquil institution away from the din of the city nurtures an ideal educational environment for both students and teachers. A blend of tradition and modernity. This institution has hues of history and achievement. The school was established on 15/09/1984 in the name School of Competition as a primary school by Shri Sahdeo Jha, Retired Headmaster, High School, Kumardhubi, and Recipient of national Award for teachers, 1984. Continue Reading »